The Metal-For Kft. as a trading company in its present form was registered at 26th June 2006. After a few years of experience, we founders have decided to form this company. Our small business operating since 2000 with three employees has been expanded within six years into a dynamic company. With the newly formed company the previous fields of activity have also been expanded.
The acceptance of waste material can take place at the site of the production company and at our business site respectively. Waste is collected in both cases at the site of our company. The materials are always treated by professionally well trained staff (the average number of our employees is 15), the acceptance and sorting are carried out according to established standards.
Our employees have adequate professional qualifications for the application of measuring instruments to determine the physical and chemical properties of materials. With our actual tools and services, we try to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the state of environment and nature. We strive to create a waste management at EU standard so as to support sustainable development and economic management. An important requirement is that the company should also be able to supply consumers with industrial by-products as resources with the greatest efficiency.

Our company has a safe and expanding market and reasonable and realistic development plans for the future.